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11 months ago

Hello everybody in this community, I have a problem, I think that I have some energetic chords with people at my work, in particular a person that I work with. This guy is toxic to me, narcissistic, dominannt, always provoke a lot of fellings, no matter how clear you speak, he turns your words into something else so that he can dominate, I dont know why it happens to me because I am a magnet for these people,, I get this alot with my job, and I have problems to disconnect my energy and use it for my other activities. I started to get stressed and feel bad and not go out anymore..I feel that I cannot get my power back and focus on my energy instead of others. I feel I have no more time for myself.I have a lot of things to do after I finish work and I do nothing because I feel tired…I dont think that its fair for other people to be parasites to your own energy…I am usually very good at keeping people at distance but something happend and this started to annoy me.. I know about attahcment chords and I wonder if its possible to have this…and can they be removed? Is it safe to try this? I am a christian. Thank you

11 months ago
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11 months ago

HI there,

I hear what you are saying. Removing those attachments and returning someone’s energy back to them is perfectly safe. I can help you if you’d like to give me a call!

Bright blessings! Pixie :)

11 months ago

If someone is making you feel anxious or shaken, it is either an entity with them making you sick or it is malicious intent, most likely. Its important to remove energetic attachments no matter if youre christian, buddhist or athiest. the important parts is to know the source of the problem and how to properly draw that energetic line.

xx bless