Homeless With My Son

28 days ago

So worn out with my eldest son! Homeless since monday this is 3rd day in a hotel. I cant bare to see my son so depressed. Both of us have applied for housing mine under mental health and both are looking for housing with local authority! Please if anyone can see if or when we both can get our own place? My son is going through what i went at his age! My heart cant take ot anymore!

10 days ago

there is a someone further away that can help you x. if you want to take a look at it please call me with the code ‘secure’ for a special deal <3>

5 days ago

We both found a place! And i also found a part tine job aswell. Just waiting for the council to provide a flat as we are in a shared accomodation with tiktok alcoholics downstairs!!

3 days ago

Ikkky so glad to hear it! I am here if you ever need a reading.

2 days ago

hi there i would be more then happy to takea a look into this for you to see when things are ganna make a turn around for you with detailes all blessings