about 1 year ago

this is a long shot, would someone be able to tell me someones ascendant based on psychic ability?

about 1 year ago

I can help. x.

about 1 year ago

Hello Angelina,

Your question is a good one. Psychic abilities are oftentimes misunderstood and/or mislabeled. Genuine ESP comes in waves and is sometimes not easy to interpret, let alone receive. Inquiries that are extremely specific, like someone’s ascendant, can be asked about and you might get the answer you are seeking. In my personal experience, I get whatever messages I do, which have included astrological information. Someone was surprised I had gotten a person’s Moon sign out of nowhere, but that’s how insight flows for me. There are also personality traits that can help uncover astrological placements. Moreso, the reason behind why that placement is of interest can be gone into further to reveal other truths.

I spend a lot of time researching how psychic abilities function, the science behind them, and why we know what we know and don’t what we don’t. It’s definitely worth exploring.

<3 leona>