Is he interested??

19 days ago
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Jacob c. 38ys I tend to think no one is interested.. So i always tend to look past or even inadvertently push someone away because of my insecurities… Jacob seems like a good guy w his stuff ego.. And good w his parents… Stable.. Unlike ones ive attracted before..esp my ex.. But i feel im too dull or quiet for anyone.. But.. Am i right or wrong w this guy? Thank you to anyone and everyone

18 days ago

I did check on Jacob’s energy and there definitely is a nice attraction. The energy in a relationship on his end would be quite good, but the energy seems to not grow and I really feel your energy as the culprit. He is a very nice guy. Take it slow. I would strongly advise you to work on your personal issues and self-esteem, as this energy is going to have an affect on you all your life until you learn to see that being out of the “norm” is not such a bad thing, but a rare quality. I doubt you are dull with the right person and I feel he will know how to make you smaile, laugh and enjoy life. You are unique and not a mistake. I do not advise anyone to enter into a relationship unless they have learned to love themselves first.

17 days ago

there is “potential” here, but i advise you work on your insecurities before dating anyone as pushing people away often sends mixed signals. work on your self confidence as well. he’s interested though. good luck!

14 days ago


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9 days ago

Hello, I read the spirit of the person and see what his thoughts are and much more around you , I will give you the truth and much more . On line now – Blessings