23 days ago

I just want to know that would I ever find happiness, love and peace from my spouse or anyone. Every relationship I ever been in have turn they backs in me and cheated. I want to know would this person I’m with do the same because im scared of the fact he’s going to be like the other relationships I ever been in. How do I know he’s a good man how do I know he won’t down grade me Like the rest did.

21 days ago

I would highly recommmend you have at least a year of personal time with yourself. You need time to get to know YOU and to discover YOU. You have got to fall in love with you, first and foremost and then you will be able to gauge what you will and will not accept. Your bar will raise. i would take more time as well to get to know someone and also make sure not to have every man do the time for the crimes of other men. Again, I do not feel you should enter into any relationships until you become close to your self.

14 days ago


My name is ANGEL & I am known for being an empathy. I can feel what you are going through. I am able to feel the energy around you along with my spirit guides.

I’ll always leave you feeling uplifted. Even when I provide the TRUTH you don’t want to hear . You’ll find my emphatic nature soothing.

so my dear, feel free to call me as this is Public Place to discuss details related to your Personal Life.

Kind Regards

11 days ago

i’m not offering any empathic insight here but rather some coaching. you’ve got to not be fearful that this person or anyone is going to keep doing the stuff that other people have done in the past. it’s not fair to them. i would advise doing some journaling, and discovering your perceptions about YOURSELF that are negative, your perceptions about relationships, and work on flipping those negative assumptions into positive ones. raise your own vibration, LOVE YOURSELF, and assume you are worthy of being loved. don’t project onto other people, but BE LOVE. blessings xoxo