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2 months ago
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Been in an on and off relationship with the father of 1 of my children.. lately its been bad he told me i was pushing and I needed needed stop… idk where to go or if I should let it go. Idk if he loves me or what’s going on… im lost

2 months ago
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madame elizabeth (madameelizabeth)

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well your connection is strong in this relationship it seems no matter how much he changs he will always go back to his old way

2 months ago

Hi Sweetie!

It can be so frustrating when the person you are trying to be in a relationship with tells you they want you to slow down and just go with the flow.

If you want to come and see me, I would be glad to give you the clarity you need. I hope to see you soon!

Many Blessings,


A.K.A. Angel Wings 777

2 months ago

Hi Dear,

Nothing is Stronger than The Love you once Both Shared. He will be Acting Hot & Cold as he is Walking on Wrong Path my dear, But please take this Time to Reconnect with Your Love. I Will Guide Your Way and lead you back into Love’s Arms Again

So my dear, Feel Free to Call me as this is Public Place to discuss details Related to Your Private Life.

Kind Regards

2 months ago

Hello, Let me give you a full reading on his thoughts and where he is coming from with you . I read the spirit of the person thoughts and what he is capable of right now and future . I charge $15 for 15 mins . Blessings