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about 1 month ago

Why do I keep saying 250 and my POI name? I always see 250 and some days I see my POI name what is the message trying to be sent to me?

about 1 month ago

connectwith me i will be able to help you and if there is a message behind i and what it is trying to tell you

about 1 month ago

Hi I can give you insight on this and answer your questions. Connect with me for more info

about 1 month ago

Hi Destiny, Hmmmm, this is very interesting.

Numerology is real and those numbers are there for a reason.

Good timing as I have a new client special that you can take advantage of. You can see it in the “Featured Advisors” forum under the topic “Amazing Spring Special”.

We can connect to get the answers (to the numbers, and more) you seek.

Greatest Blessings, ~pmk

26 days ago


My name is ANGEL & I am known for being an empathy. I can feel what you are going through. I am able to feel the energy around you along with my spirit guides.

I’ll always leave you feeling uplifted. Even when I provide the TRUTH you don’t want to hear . You’ll find my emphatic nature soothing.

so my dear, feel free to call me as this is Public Place to discuss details related to your Private Life.

Kind Regards