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Numerology anyone

8 months ago

I used to see 251 often now its calmed down and I don’t see it now I seen the numbers 250 and 551 for the past 3 days… Any clues to what this is saying?

7 months ago

No one?

7 months ago

Dear Destiny This information you need about numbers is called angel numbers.. all the information you will get on net just type angel numbers 551 or 251 , whatever you are seeing and you will get the meanings what each number means … this does not come under numerology … numerology is about your birth date, your birth number. your destiny numbers and much more… hope this helps

7 months ago

Thank You

6 months ago

Hi Dear Destiny, I get number 551 is a 2 and 251 is 8 2 is you coming together with another eye to eye, heart to heart in love and 8 is infinity so forever you 2 will be in love and/or together in this lifetime. Give a call for more info. Love, Light and Gratitude, Cheryl Yes , they are angel numbers too!!

6 months ago

Hi destiny would be more than happy to give you some insight on this I think a thurough reading will be able to come up with some ansewrs on why you keep seeing these numbers ! hope to hear from you soon BLessings! -Silvana

6 months ago

hiya love, from what I know your spiritual guide or angel will give you a sequence and or numbers to help answer unspoken questions and to clarify whatever you may be going through. the fun part is if your already recognizing your sequence that they are showing you i recommend meditation and instead of a mantra asking your spiritual guide or angel to grant you serenity to understand and gain comprehension. it truly helps. wishing you tons of luck darling. if anything or simply need a lil help hit me up. Happy Holidays

6 months ago


My name is Angel & I am known for being an Empathy. I can Feel what you are going through. I am able to Feel the energy around you. I’ll always leave you feeling Uplifted. Even when I provide the TRUTH you Don’t want to hear.

So, Lets have Chat and Unfold things for you in Private Reading Because this is a public place to discuss details related to your Private Life.

Kind Regards

Hi Dear,

5 months ago

Hi there – I LOVE numerology, and the messages that the numbers bring.

Please do connect so that we can explore further!