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Will be with my partner is he coming should I give up?

2 months ago

We talk here and there back and forth But I’m ready to move a step forward and maybe take it to the next level but I don’t know should I just be patient and wait which I’m trying to and do nothing but wait until he’s fully ready should I wait?

2 months ago

Hello, Come in and let me look into spirit and see if you should wait , or move on . I read the thoughts of the person and see if he is ready to contact you and move forward with you or not . I will give you the truth through spirit . I have specials today . Blessings

2 months ago

Hi dear,

I will check for you will this happen or not? and will it go into your favor or not? after spirit connection.Feel free to join me.I will help you and guide you towards the right path of your happiness.

God bless you

2 months ago

What you do depends on the type of relationship you want. The best ones start out seamlessly where two people connect and just get each other. I’d be happy to do a reading for you to see if this is your best option or whether you have better (easier) alternatives arising in your near future.


2 months ago

There are a few things going on please come by so I can help

2 months ago

Hi Teanna,

In your situation organic growth is important. I sort of see your situation like a rose garden. Roses take time to cultivate and to really have a fantastic rose garden it can take years of cultivation. However, the aroma and beauty is well worth the effort. Weeds can grow overnight, but it does not appear as though you are really looking for a weed garden at this time.

If you want, I can take a further look into your situation. If you choose one of my flat rate bundles I will give you 10% off if you let me know that you are responding to the “Ask A Psychic” forum.

Love & light, James