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Pet psychic

2 months ago
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Im not even sure how one reads a pet ,what info is needed or even knows if theyre getting it rightI .i need to know why my cat keeps pooing on the rug. Usually its because shes out of food or water but shes not. Doesnt matter litter, not declawed.box not too hard to get in and out.. i dont get why she keeps doing it and how to get her to stop since we never see her do it. At wits end..please help Please real readers.. please.

2 months ago


I’m not a pet psychic per se but I am a serious pet lover and I have some highly practical advice for you. Take her to the veterinarian to rule out a medical problem. Your cat is CLEARLY trying to get your attention about something that is wrong. She is absolutely not doing it to be malicious but she doesn’t know how to communicate the problem any other way. This REALLY gets your attention!

Search “why my cat is pooping on floor” and click the link from thesprucepets dot com.

Fantastic advice is just a click away. I’m so glad you are asking for help because while this behavior does need to be curbed … you know yourself that your cat definitely has REASONS for this behavior.

2 months ago

Yes, I totally agree with SunTiger.

Your cat is trying to get you to pay attention, and a good vet visit after a clean poop sample on the floor will help clear some things up.

If it was in the litter box youd have a harder time to collect it, cats are normally so private with their ‘wares’ - that for him to be comin in the middle of the wooden floor an droppinon it he is really trying to say look at me, here I am—there is a problem.

also it is helpful to make sure they have their own litter box, not a shared one.

but mild advice aside, I am able to look into your pet, they have feelings an emotions just like us sapiens walking around – just call me an as long as I can pick up the features of your cat we can do a read.