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Large gain of wealth

7 months ago
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It seems the new scam nowadays is to prey on single women that are having Financial issues it seems as if these internet psychics are preying on people like myself and lying and telling us we’re going to win a big windfall of money and that July 13th is our lucky day and for two months for 60 days will have great luck and it will change our life forever, is any of this true? I believe I have some capabilities of my own I have gifts also and I do believe I’m going to say some type of wealth but not the kind that they are saying who do you know how do you know who to trust these days? Is anything these internet psychic said true? I’m starting to lose all hope and people like myself I do it out of the kindness of my heart I don’t charge people I do it to people I help people that are in need get the answers they’re looking for and I don’t charge them I feel as if there was a real psychic they wouldn’t charge me they would know who I am and they wouldn’t know I would pay them after I won this big lump of money so I know it’s a scam I was just wanting to know your guyses input thanks

7 months ago

words are power. if there was any truth to it, you have put up a wall by calling it a scam. You have to allow the reality that life is always changing and it can either change negative or positive but in order to be positive you must first be positive, like attracts like.


Stay in the light,



7 months ago

ok My dear jammie, let me give you some insight on this topic, PLEASE take only what resonates with you rest you can leave it ….. 1stly lets talk about charging people, my question is do you ever go to a doctor and expect him not to charge you ? no right ? even if his medicines and his diagnosis are wrong he takes his full amount and you cant do a thing about it … then why should anyone while paying a psychic have issues ? 2ndly if you have gifts and you decide to help someone free that’s a choice you make , and that’s absolutely fine… because energetically its your karma whether good or bad you will be repaid accordingly but why expect others to do the same? now that doesn’t mean there can’t be any scam in psychics happening, but you have to be aware that once you feel not connected with a psychic then you must stop immediately we cant control anyone’s choices… and now lets talk about the wealth and date part ….. The psychic whose giving you a particular date related to some event in your life is seeing this as a possibility, which will happen in future for you ,but it can only happen if you have the faith and belief for it to happen,because of the free and choice that you have on this planet and no one can over rule that choice not even the divine interferes with this free will and choice of humans, even Jesus, Moses and all religious scriptures talk about this faith and belief in the divine, in this reality its only about your belief and faith , if you truly believe you are millionaire then you can achieve it , and we have enough live examples of people actually doing it… words have power so just ask what you desire and then leave it on the universe to provide it for you without worrying about it and having full faith that its already given ... and if you asked and you still didn’t receive it, that surely means you need to work on your beliefs still… i hope this helps you and answers your questions dear.. Thank you Love & Peace

7 months ago

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7 months ago

Just because someone charges for their service doesn’t mean their a crook we all need a way to pay our bills and put food in our homes therapist’s charge for their time so does life coaches doctors psychologist and Psychiatrist and church’s collect tides I am sure it would be easy not to charge if you have another job but for many on this site this is our only job we love what we do and we do this for a living all the job titles above are respected and not questioned when wanting to be paid for their services and I am seeing a lot people now a days feeling a certain way for being charged for spiritual truths and guidance and some even demanding it for free we as readers love what we do but should be more respected for it at least from the people coming to us seeking our help and guidance as far as what this woman has told you with this type of belief it will most likely slip through your fingers these things do happen but not for those who are already rejecting it keep positive and an open mind anything can happen

7 months ago

hello dear and welcome ,and I can see your concerns and if you wish to talk more about different methods please let me know