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Visiting him but want more ....

about 1 year ago

Does he want marriage? Or, will we end up living together? I’m visiting him again but want more. Thanks

about 1 year ago

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about 1 year ago

Hi there,

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about 1 year ago

Those are two questions that require him wanting a strong commitment. Contact me soon so I can tell you where his head is.

about 1 year ago

Thanks everyone-

He’s committed no doubt to me I just want to finally be married or live together- he’s so good to me

about 1 year ago

All I will say for this is that its important you yourself stay grounded.

Its wonderful to feel love, and to love, love. – but dont let the love in your heart keep you flying high without dipping down to see whats going on around you and the signals that arent spoken, but rather subtle. Therein lies how he feels about the idea of getting married and moving in together.

sending you love and good vibes,


TGO. Jade.