Just asking for advice from psychics & clients

about 1 year ago

Hello, hope everyones doing good.

Does anyone have any recommendations for frayed nerves for psychics. I’ve usually always give good quality readings or try to… But theirs been a couple of times I got things mixed up or confused. Then I have people who come in and try to get free readings my internet cut out on some readings there’s been times where people try testing me. Well I just haven’t been doing readings lately because I feel like im being marked… I just have this paranoia now and it’s affecting my reading and job…

I’m going to post this in 2 forums if allowed I would like to hear both client and advisors input.

I really do mean well and wish everyone the best.

10 months ago

I have been tested and badly reviewed, chewed up, spit out..I feel like we all have at some time or another. The most important thing I feel is to stay genuine to who you are and what YOU offer. Stick to what YOU know and try and guide as best you can. Realize that we are ALL human and we get tired too. We get tired, worn, broken, down..all of it. It is a matter of scooping ourselves back up and remembering our own lights and how to shine them. xoxoxo

3 months ago

go at your own pace while working, do not allow yourself to be pressured or rushed. personally i do not log on if i am not feeling well or if there is a lot of noise in my background as it’s difficult for me to work that way. hope these suggestions are helpful, best of luck.