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Quote for the Day ❤️

about 1 year ago

“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed, it means the damage is no longer controlling our lives.” – Anonymous

I typed this before but I thought I would give it a small snippet of my thoughts simply because it seems a little harsh without some of my love added to it ❤️

During the times of my life when I was hurting the most all my thoughts and energy were focused on the hurt and wrong that had been done to me…& seriously, IT HURTS when we have been wronged and betrayed by someone or even when we lose someone we love deeply…

There is a part of the healing it seems that many people do not discuss that is the part where the healing process has actually stopped progressing forward and instead has suspended itself in a perpetual state of agony…it is this stage when we must decide what we want out of our selves in every waking moment of life…

Do we want to stay in our pain as a badge of honor for what has been lost to us? Or do we instead want to wear our pain as a time in our lives that did not steal away our future by taking a stand and saying…”enough is enough”

We must all make this choice for ourselves to pick up the pieces and continue on as a warrior and not a victim of circumstance ❤️

about 1 year ago

Thank you for this. I needed to hear this today. These words were meant for me. xoxoxo

about 1 year ago

Aww sure my dear I am hoping all is well and you are off to a good start this year ❤️

about 1 year ago

❤️ this & perfect timing thank you. Just about to embark on this now I’m at peace & a loved one is safe.

about 1 year ago

Aww how lovely I am so happy to hear and see that this was able to touch you lovely ladies while I was away

Wishing you both the best!!!