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⭐️Have Experienced Many Walks In Life & Can Advise Compassionately & Straightforward 4 The Purpose of Divine Healing Empowerment & Change That Aligns With Your Highest Aspirations but PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING⭐️


Write your questions beforehand. I read one relationship at a time. NO general readings!! I need dobs for ALL people & the time you have been in a relationship with the person who is your reading topic to connect to the energy vibrations at work in your life.

Include the bold items above for your reading

I may also ask if children are involved. I will not blind read complex situations.

I am a total sweetheart if you are coming to me for the right reasons. Please take the time to read my profile to come prepared for a honest & heartfelt reading.

I AM NOT A READER WHO JUST OFFERS TIMEFRAMES! Timeframes do come to me and are simply not for every reading! We must allow the universe to offer a timeline if it is important to your situation.❤

I am an empath with an uncanny ability to discern energies & to see right down to the root of a blockage & the way through it! & I would feel honored to help you.


❤️In my opinion, the greatest gift and one of the hardest things to both give and receive is THE TRUTH…I am a VERY HONEST reader I do sugarcoat to soften the blow of hard-truths but I will always tell the truth.❤️

⭐️11 years Astrology⭐️ I have been studying astrology for longer than 15 years. I got rather serious about it 11 years ago and began giving professional readings only 3 years ago because I realized I was good at it.

⭐️6 years Tarot ⭐️ There is a note I feel is important to add with the onslaught of so many new readers; which is, I am a Virgo ♍ & I am very serious about what I do! I dabbled my first year and a half with the tarot. I began giving public paid readings in 2016 because everyone kept telling me I should.

For the last 3 years all I have known has been tarot I have been immersed in a deep and comprehensive study of the oracle & taught my first public paid class October of 2020.

I do not play with my craft. I am certified with reading tarot & currently working on a third because I do genuinely love the tarot as an oracle & learning esoteric pearls of wisdom.

I type more than 70 WPM and tend to type in length, so do be patient

LEGALLY REQUIRED:❤️ MuST BE 18 ❤️Readings are for educational & entertainment purposes ONLY! No medical or legal advice including pregnancies! No readings regarding lottery or gambling! Payment is for my time and refunds will not be given!


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