EsoTarot Da Cane

⭐️ Shamanic Medium ⭐️


Nothing matters more to me than using my gifts & abilities to share abundant compassion, patience, grace and genuine love ❤️ with others.

⭐️I live to heal people & I love to do it!⭐️

Allow me to help you free your energetic soul from the limitations imposed by your body/habits and nurtured environments that are no longer serving your deeper sense of self…

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Certified Tarot Reader, Teacher of both Elder Futhark Runes & Tarot, Certified Astrologer ⭐️


I know what it feels like to be searching for answers and advice from someone that can provide insight to carry you through an experience without a personal agenda or jaded perspective and never finding it

In my opinion, the greatest gift in trying times is the truth

Please do not heal yourself by tearing down my page with negative reviews when you know I have helped you…

One negative reviewer spent 3mins of paid time before deciding I was basing what I was saying off of information they gave me…

Another was very upset with her situation and would have been happier if I had lied to her…but I am not that kind of reader…

Please come to me prepared for the truth and with patience for what the universe may have for you.

⭐️Recent Reviews⭐️

"She has been hands down one of the most honest compassionate readers I have met on [another site]. She didn’t tell me things just to make me feel good she was honest and a lot of the things that she told me actually everything that she told me I was aware of it but for her to clarify it in my reading it was simply amazing. Some of the things we’re disappointed to hear but only because I know it was the honest truth and I was shying away from it. In my opinion anyone they gave her a frown face it’s because they couldn’t handle the truth"

"An absolute Godsent! Truly gifted and beyond accurate! Mind blowing is an understatement! I love this lady!"

"EsoTarot Da Cane is the beautiful human being that is ever graced this planet. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I feel like she 100% gets me and understands me fully, the level at which she deeply connected with me is incredible. I appreciate all the detail she provided, answering my questions as thoroughly as possible. I feel like getting a reading from EsoTarot Da Cane is as amazing, beautiful and life altering. So so so so detailed and so very clear- I have never experienced such a detailed, individualized, sincere, and relevant to my life. I will forever be indebted to EsoTarot Da Cane for blessing my life with her insight, I will forever be a loyal customer. I thank you EsoTarot from the bottom of my life, and I feel blessed knowing you in general. You are so perfect, thank you for everything! Lots of love from Benjamin, Roo, and me !!

Feel free to ask me for whatever it is on your heart that you believe you need!

ADVICE: Best choice to give yourself the opportunity to have the best experience, use one of my specials! I am one of those really deep people and I find that it is best you review the details in our transcript following our session. I type in length so do be patient! I do not use the tarot to predict the future; no forecasting without accurate astrological information.

I DO NOT DO TIMEFRAMES if the universe sees fit to give me a timeframe for you, I will definitely tell you ❤️!

LEGALLY REQUIRED: Readings are for entertainment purposes ONLY! I am not qualified to give medical or legal advice that includes pregnancies!

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Languages: English

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Local Time: (GMT-05:00) September 22, 2019, 12:37AM

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