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Come into the session with your name and your question. Like you, I cannot wait to get your burdens off of your chest. I know that it is stressful to not know why they are not answering you, to be unsure if you should give your love to another person for fear they may hurt you more, to worry when will your financial situation change… I know and that is what I am here for. I am here to give you honest & clear insights to help you choose the path that can help you find peace, love, & success. Come into your session with names, birthdays, a brief description of your problem and your questions. I will ask you questions to help me get your solutions faster. Be honest. Be open. I will not sell you fairytales. I use the predictive gifts I have had since childhood to guide you compassionately into the heart of the issue & I work with you to find solutions so you can move forward with a lighter heart. You do not want to miss a session with me. I care deeply for your pain & I believe you are here for me to help you

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Being a psychic intuitive is not easy in today’s world. The best teacher is experience. I have walked this life telling people things I should not know & being ostracized because of it. I became a nomad & have had more than 20 jobs, lived in more than 5 US states & 2 different countries – therefore surviving immigration & emigrating, survived multiple narcissistic relationships; all while giving spontaneous healings to everyone I encountered. I have a degree in International Business & Finance. Several Metaphysical Certifications & A heart that is still capable of loving the world. This is my calling. I work on multiple platforms have created healthy relationships in my life in a world of selfishness & I want to help you to do the same. You can count on me to heal you if that is what you are looking for.


9 years of professional experience ❤️In my opinion, the greatest gift & one of the hardest things to both give and receive is THE TRUTH…I am a VERY HONEST reader I do have compassion to soften the blow of hard truths that may come through but I will always tell the truth.❤️ I use Numerology, Tarot & Astrology when I use tools. I am a well-honed Empath with the ability to see & sense energy, auras & pain in another person; I am God Gifted with the ability to see things for other people. I have had this ability all my life. Please note that I will not complete your reading if you will not provide the following info: (for relationship readings only)...: 1. Name & DOB of all people. 2. Last contact 3. The current label you would give this connection 4. How long have you known this connection I tune into vibrations through the screen this way very well…I don’t know why it is that way online but it works well for me. A phone call is a bit different & immediate for me, however, I do see flashes of predictions for people if that is what their journey needs. I get timeframes sometimes & I will not force them when they do not come…as I said, I am honest. I have helped more than 13,000+ souls professionally. That is not an overstated number. I work on multiple platforms and have done so since 2016. I love what I do & I am good at it. I do not work a second job…this is all I do; so believe me, each and every one of you matter. I look forward to chatting with you. ❤️ A note for those reading: There are many differences between readers & you do not have to understand it all for it to work,... but please allow sufficient time for me to give an earnest attempt at reading for you…LEGALLY REQUIRED:❤️ MuST BE 18 ❤️Readings are for educational & entertainment purposes ONLY! No medical or legal advice including pregnancies! No readings regarding lottery or gambling! Payment is for my time and refunds will not be given!


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