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Releasing & Unlocking Resentments Part 1

10 months ago

​Often times when we become passionate about those we love, we assign ourselves a position and a place in their lives.

After time goes on this just becomes the relationship dynamic. Out of sheer habit, we continue doing things that are long past their expiration date.

But why?

Why do we hold on to these habits, people, and situations that are no longer serving us?

We forget all our reasons why it is important for us to do this “thing” and just do what it takes to continue the activity (like a job or obligation) long after the passion for the activity is gone.

And somewhere, when we dig deep enough, we find that underneath the burden is that primary reason, that primary purpose that motivated us in the first place.

When we return to this place of why we were doing something in the first place, we find first that we were trying to serve others in an attempt to maintain things that are sometimes not even our responsibility. We find that we choose to serve them in these moments for a deeper need to serve and uncover our sense of self.

We seek to have them to return gratitude, appreciation and to mirror our self image and show us who we are.

We seek the things that enhance their health and nourishment through doing things like cooking for them, cleaning up after them and we seek their education and future by doing things like fighting their battles; but we forget the importance of them developing these attributes and abilities within themselves.

Our result is often that we find ourselves over spent and undervalued with little to nothing for ourselves and a growing resentment for the burden that caring for them in these ways inherently brings.

(2 Be Continued)...