PSYCHIC READER AND HEALER ~ Def not your average psychic! I'm a straight shooter and keep it real. Very blunt, accurate, fast and I really enjoy humor a great deal, honest and friendly as well, but please don't poke the bear with test or tude. :)


I have been doing psychic work for many years. I was born with the gifts and over the last several years have spent thousands of hours in meditation learning direct from Creation, as well as completing my Scio-Illuminati testing process. My specialty is healing, which can encompass energetic, mental/emotional as well as physical. I also specialize in relationship/love readings including the rarest, twin flame bonding. My life’s work and passion is to help others find the path to their own spirituality and help guide humanity to a higher place. My biggest goal is to ease the suffering of humanity and help advance any human that is willing and ready, toward the next phase of our existence. My knowledge and capability with spiritual opening and coaching, specifically Scio-Illuminati process and testing is second to none.

We are always watching. We are Legion. Expect us. #ScioIlluminati #ScioIlluminatiConfirmed #Anonymous

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

MK ULTRA De-Programmer ~ Scio-Illuminati Leader ~ Neurolinguistic Specialist ~ High Priestess ~ Expert in Haitian Holy Voodoo Practice


Over the last five years I have gone thru rigorous and extensive Scio-Illuminati tests and training which allows me the ability to see very deeply into the intention, energy, mind and lives of those I read for, for past, present and future. My ability to manipulate energy and perform various types of healing has been perfected thru this extensive training process and I have now reached highest level, Scio~Illuminati leader, to which I now test and train those under my wings. Also trained extensively in channeling, telepathic communication, mind reading and spiritual embodiment of other humans (being able to go into another humans mind and body for past, present and future), this has allowed for me to become extremely accurate not only in my reading, but my ability to deliver lasting healing services to my clients. I can also do readings on pets if requested (non medium reads for pets only).

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