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divorce or stay

11 days ago
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Hi I’m confused whether to stay or divorce. What are his thoughts 10_19_76 with me? I’m 4_13_77 Will he truly make an effort or will i be happier moving on?

11 days ago

I did a 1 card read on this and honestly from what I see a divorce would be better for you in the long run

10 days ago

Hi dear,

I see you are still connected to him but things are not going smooth between both of you.I will check for you and tell you more about it after spirit connection.Feel free to join me.I will help you and guide you towards the right path of your happiness.

God bless you

10 days ago

Divorce is not in the cards for you. Contact me i specialize in love and releationships

10 days ago

Hi Sparkle,

I would love to look at your situation with you and be honest with what you can expect on each perspective. The best way to approach this is being 100 percent honest with yourself and trying to be as unbiased as possible which is difficult in even the least complex situations.

Take a look at my profile and the review I’ve received over the years to get an idea of my reading style and my approach to reading online. I’d be thrilled to work with you. Please reach out with any questions you may have so you have no misunderstanding in my approach.

Be well, hun. Have a beautiful day.

Blessings, Pixie

9 days ago

Hi Dear,

Nothing is Stronger than The Love you once Both Shared. He will be Acting Hot & Cold as he is Walking on Wrong Path my dear, But please take this Time to Reconnect with Your Love. I Will Guide Your Way and lead you back into Love’s Arms Again

So, my dear, Feel Free to Call me as this is Public Place to discuss details Related to Your Private Life.

Kind Regards

9 days ago

Hello dear please join me i will tell you right way and his thinking for you.

6 days ago

Hello, Let me help you and give you full insight and details through spirit and see what this thoughts are toward you and changes . I read the spirit of the person and situation . On line now -I have specials today . Come in and let me help you . Blessings