Keep away from anyone that refuses to give "cold readings." If a psychic can’t give a general reading then how "psychic" are they?

I am a Highly Sensitive Person that has been reading people for several years. I am a psychic- a "true" psychic. I am straight to the point, honest and caring. I had a "near death" experience that has helped with my readings.

I like to test-read a client first to make certain I am on the right path with them, before they are charged. (Very important) but not all psychics do this.

I see colors, initials, and can even pick up on loved ones that have passed if they decide to come through to me. If you have questions about a loved one, I may pick up on another direction that is coming through… a place where I see a possible new "meeting" perhaps.

I may see things that have yet to happen, so be open to the possibilities. I have the answers you seek. I will do my best not waste your valuable time.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

**If the chat clien closes more than once I will not read again until charges have been started.

Many psychics say they’ve had "training" but if you are not psychic all the "training" in the world is not going to make you "psychic." Do not get trapped into thinking otherwise. Witches are not real, if they were we would all be rich and skinny.

I am a psychic, with the "sight"... this cannot be learned by taking a "class" or by "studying" with whomever… you have to be born with this trait, period. No one can "teach" this trait to you.. you either have it or you do not.


I have worked on Live Person, as well as Keen. I freelance read out of compassion and a need to satisfy questions. My "gift" is God given and appreciated.

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