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2024 Your Year of Change! Crystal Ball readings on Love - Money - Career - Direction


Channeller- Clairvoyant- Clairaudient- Clairsentient- Psychic! Using Crystal Ball more than Tarot, Guides, Angels & Cosmic Beings (spirit energies that focus on our Karmic contracts & Past Lives).

I’ve been successfully predicting the outcome of many types of relationships for over 43yrs. I am a Spirit Guide Channeller! I can read into Relationship, Personal, Career, (NO health/pregnancy)issues. Reading in an ethical, honest and integral way is part of my core, and my aim is not to give you false promises, but the way forward. I have featured in several national glossy Magazines since 1983 – Soul & Spirit April 2014 & 2018.. I also have many international & famous clients.

I am also Internationally known, and pride myself on being 98% accurate (Im only human after all lol). I aim to provide you though, with the answers to life’s most challenging questions regarding relationships, career, family, business, & direction.

I reveal your past as it was, the present as it is and your future as it will be!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Working with Spirit Guides & Crystal Ball to give you an accurate, purer reading. No false promises, only a way forward

Im sorry but Im unable to give you timeframes, my guide do not and cannot work on this vibration I’m afraid, but I will do my best with what I get through for you.. and Im sorry Im unable to carry out readings for free either!

I do NOT offer refunds under ANY circumstance I’m sorry!


I’m an 8th Generation worker, and have plenty of life-skills. When I have the time, I also run courses and workshops on Psychic Development & Attunement, Astral Projection. Emotional Freedom Technique. Experienced in all Psychic matters. I’m not able to predict dates as such or give information on health(pregancy issues)or legal matters either I’m afraid.

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