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Tai Chi exercises the mind, not just the body. Concentration improves as the mind focuses exclusively on the movement, and distractions fall away. Practitioners move with greater ease and efficiency, both mentally and physically. Because you move more efficiently, you squander less energy on strain, so you have more energy to bring to bear on the challenges of the work day and everyday life. Tai Chi reduces blood pressure, improves oxygen utilization, improves immune function, increases bone density, increases knee and ankle strength, flexibility, and range of motion, and reduces the levels of stress hormones during and after practice.Proven benefits Many of these effects are documented in elderly beginners practicing an abbreviated Tai Chi form for only a few months. If Tai Chi can have this effect on geriatric beginners,think of what it can do for someone who starts a few decades sooner. The Now and Zen Tai Chi School of Montreal (since June 1989-and ongoing)

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Tai Chi Training and Education Martial Arts History Ted Constant 1987 to present Tai Chi Chuan Autumn 1987 The Peoples Republic Hall London 1996 to 1997 Ju Jits Su Original Yang Style (Master Lee) 1994 to 1995 Muy Tai Kick Boxing 1971 to 1993 Tae Kwon Do Seven Stars Club Wu Style,Chi Kung Breathing Techniques ( Master I Leong) Peking Style ( Master Lee) The Tai Chi Center (Master Sergio Arione) Yang Style, Tsun kuen ma, Si san she(International Style) LoHan Chi Kung (Philosophy classes) The Now and Zen Tai Chi School of Montreal(since June 1989-and ongoing)


Work experience

The Montreal Association for the Blind (since July 1997-and ongoing.)

Astrazeneca (since Sept 2002-and ongoing)

Monkland Community Center (since Sept 1998-and ongoing)

Migido Gym (July 1991-December 1993)

Catherine Booth Hospital (Sept 1999-June 2000)

Metropolis Gym (January 1994-December 1997)

Layton Hall (autistic children) (Sept 1998-March 1999)

St Andrews School (Sept 1995-May 1996)

Monaco Seniors Residence (October 1999-September 2000)

The Welsely (October 2000-September 2001)

Gilda’s Club (Aug 2000- Oct 2001)

The Now and Zen Tai Chi School of Montreal (since June 1989-and ongoing)

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Languages: English,French,Hebrew,Spanish,Mandarin

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