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I am a teacher of nadi astrology and parashar system with deep belief in using nadi astrology to resolve complicated issues in life which seem to be beyond our understanding and control. The natal chart, the divisional charts and planetary transits are used to arrive at future events. The techniques mentioned in the ancient texts are used to improve future and prevent foreseen problems. Consult for issues/success in Marriage, Career, Relationship, Business, Finance, Health, Speculation, Progeny, Education or anything which is causing problems in life.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Graduate in Economics with 18 years of study and experience in Astrology. Study of rare astrological texts and manuscripts and analysis with a team of fellow astrologers and students using ancient indian techniques.


I have been an astrologer for over 18 years now and now advanced astrology and nadi astrology. Nadi astrology deals with events in life of individuals in relation with the placement of heavenly bodies against stars in the galaxy. It puts emphasis on order of planets and conjunction and can be used to accurately predict future events, both good and not so good. By giving clear understanding of events that occurred in past and the underlying reasons behind them, it helps us not only understand why things are the way they are but also what the future holds. Since it is possible to predict events of past and future along with the timing, it allows individuals to make small adjustments which enhance future and avoid or reduce impact of unfavorable events taking place or foreseen in near future. The primary areas of concern being Career, Relationship, marriage, Wealth, Health, children, education and even about relatives or anything related to the individual.

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