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Readings for Spiritual Guidance


I dont do guessing games for basic personal information, please provide first names and Please make clear/specific questions, if you dont want to do that, please seek another psychic.

Spiritual and life Coaching; Relationship coaching; Twin Flame and Soul Mate guidance; Intuitive readings; Career readings; Rune Readings; Animal/Pet Healing

Readings for those who are seeking to take responsibility for their lives and future.

Answers come from your own energy field and spiritual essence and are supposed to guide you, so you can take your life in your own hands, not always what you want to hear.

For readings, have your mind as clear as possible, and think thoroughly on your questions and MOTIVES before the call starts.

If I am not online and you want to schedule a time here, please send me a message.

No refunds.


Eleven years as a spiritual coach, intuitive reader, and in twinflame guidance. Sixteen years experience with animal healing and welfare. Eleven years teaching: Spirituality, meditation, mindfulness; Creative manifestation; Healing; Spiritual tools for clearing and protecting yourself and loved ones.

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