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Horoscope is the blueprint of your life. It is a like snap shot of planets in sky at the time of your birth. These planets & their specific positions tell what and when different events will take place in your life. Qualities about you & people around you. Your relationships, romances, academics, marriage, wealth, income, job, career and many other aspects of your life. Vedic astrology is a thousand year old science and it has two major styles by which it is read, Parashara and Nadi astrology. These two different branches have their own measures to asses a horoscope. I am well versed in both branches. With the theoretical knowledge available through vedic texts, I also rely on my experience & intuition to make predictions. I will answer your queries & make you aware of any pitfalls I see, and guide you so you can avoid them, & cruise in your life with very few speed bumps. I usually have return clients, so I like to make 3 month plans ahead of time. So you can know what is coming for you in the future.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have bachelors in Science. I have learned Astrology via guidance through my guru’s and had a divine gift in this field. I can help you through your career, relationships, business, emotional and diseases related questions. I practice meditation in which I worship the divine Satguru for me to be able to guide you in the right direction with most ease on your part. I TYPE FAST, SO YOU CAN GET MORE FOR YOUR TIME AND MONEY.


I have been a working professional of Vedic Astrology for last 5 years. Before that I was a student of astrology, in which I gained new dimensions of Vedic Astrology and researched different approaches to reading horoscopes. I have vast experience in Parasahara & Nadi system of Vedic Astrology. I keep myself updated with new astro-research. My work in this field in over last 5 years have lot of satisfied clients. IF YOU MISS ME BECAUSE I AM BUSY OR OFFLINE, YOU CAN SEND ME A MESSAGE AND WE CAN ARRANGE A TIME TO CHAT.

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