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I use tarot cards as a tool but I can get messages from spirit which I will pass on to you.

I can give you a general reading with the Celtic Cross spread or you can ask me a question that I can focus on.

The way I conduct a Tarot reading is with Psychic Energy and I just need your name and full email address to be able to send the reading to you.

I work on positive energy and this is important for a good connection with the client and cards.

I do not see Tarot reading to make money but a gift that I am grateful for and I believe I have been chosen to help others and I find peace in doing so.

My readings are carried out with honesty and I tell you exactly what the cards read and any message from spirit I receive and as you can understand if you do not receive the answers you wanted to hear it would be unreasonable to ask me for a refund.


I have been developing psychically from a young age and reading tarot for over 3 years and have regular clients.

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