I am Clairvoyant, empathic, psychic, medium,clairaudient,Intuitive, Precognition I do palm tarot & psychic readings, Aura Reading, Full life, Chakra Balancing, step by step instructions to meditation, Cleasing of negative, Advice & guidance, Soul mate connections, past life & reincarnation, Re-Uniting lost love, Repairing Broken marriages,

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I can advise you in love marriage success and happiness I ask no questions except for your name and age I can also give you insight on other people I give an open honest objective reading that will amaze you! No wasting time accurate and straight to the point. I Have been helping people with my God given gift for over 8 years, I have worked multiple county fair’s,am a certified psychic in orange county. I was Born with this, and have been studying and developing it for all my life. I have repaired broken marriages, even when the people I was helping was hopeless, I give answers when not asked , Have helped people go one after losing a loved one, given the right advice business expenditures while not even knowing what that person does for a living. warned of particular jealous people, made negative energy positive, helped people move on to a better future..


Palm, Psychic & Tarot readings, chakra balancing, much more. I Am a psychic, palm and tarot card reader. I am honest, compassionate & accurate. I will tell you what you need to know. Specailizing in love and Soul-mate connections, life and path guidance, career and business. Do you feel that a lovers heart has been influenced against you? Do you want to turn it around? I was born with a very strong psychic third eye that was also open, my grandmother is psychic also so recongnized this and we had been studying and deloping my gift for as long as i can remember and that allows me to see your future and feel your feelings there are times when we stumble off of our path and cant find the way back I am here to point you in the right direction with positive energy and the laws of Attraction if you feel you are hard working and should have more to show for it if you are understanding but not understood giving but not acknowledged or taken for granted either with family friend boss or a lover you maybe repeating a broken cycle if you want to turn it around you can..

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