Intuitive Life Coach, Medium, Usui Reiki Master/Intuitive Energy Healer, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Oracle/Tarot/Angel Card Reader, No Tools Needed ***NOT ACCEPTING CALLS FROM UNREGISTERED USERS***


My name is Asia and I am an intuitive life coach, healer and medium.

Having a reading with me is really an intuitive soul counseling experience that brings clarity, peace, healing, self-transformation, and empowerment. I view my role as being a clear channel holding sacred space, assisting you in connecting to your Higher Self so you can live your life with more clarity and harmony. My reading style is compassionate, uplifting and straight forward.

I do not predict pregnancies, death, divorce or health in my readings. However, if I am given this information from my guides I will relay it to you. Because I believe readings are meant to give YOU guidance, I choose not to answer questions related to third parties out of respect and responsibility. My readings are never intended to replace legal, medical or financial advice.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I always knew I wanted to connect with people on a deeper level which eventually led me to exploring, discovering and developing my abilities. I am very passionate about assisting others on their life path, offering guidance and providing tools to live a healthy, balanced and empowered life.


PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING A READING: Ask open ended questions. Avoid starting the question with Will, When, and Should, and instead ask What, How and Why. With Yes/No answers, there is no space for your development or free will to be considered. For example, instead of asking, "Will I find a new job?" you might ask, "What has been blocking me in finding a new job, and how can I release these blockages?" The second question invites deeper reflection and opens the space for understanding how you can manifest your goal of finding a new job.

Please be aware that if you are asking for a specific day or time a person may contact you regarding relationships or interviews, we cannot predict when a free-willed person will do an action.

The possibilities in this universe are infinite. We are all here to have human experiences and evolve our souls. I give my readings based on what I read in your energy fields right now. I see where you are heading if you stay on your current path but you can change that path at any moment. Because of free will the decisions that we make can affect the outcome of any given situation.

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