Coraline Nurees, High Accolade

Full reading for $25 No Time Limit! Call me for a quality reading, you will get what you pay for!


I am a world class clairvoyant with 17 years experience!

As a client your satisfaction is my highest priority. As part of my dedication to provide you with the highest service possible I guarantee my undivided attention during all advisement sessions.

I have advised politicians, corporate executives, TV personalities, and everyday people.

We all walk along our own paths. In my readings I strive to help you understand your path. Your position on it, where you are headed, direct you to where you want to go, and reveal any coming forks, blocks, and unexpected turns. I will guide you to love, money, carrier, or anything else that you may wish to know.

I am now proud to offer Aura Energy treatments utilizing Distance Reiki! Removes negative influences and restores and revitalize your well-being. Ask me about Reiki energy for more details.

Relationships, Love, Romance, Guidance, Intuitive, Spiritual, Aura, Medium, Healing, Money

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a fifth generation empathic clairvoyant. I read energy and emotions. I not only can see events, trace their causes and outcomes. But, I can also connect to people and situations on an emotional level. Not only can I provide answer on what did or what will happen, but also answer why it happened.

I am a Reiki Master (4 years of study). Reiki is a form of energy healing that can be used for physical, emotional, or mental issues. As well as healing or improving life or situational events in past present or future.. And may be performed over distance.

In addition to my natural ability I am also able to contact and consult with spiritual guides (some might call them beings of light or angles).

I also perform card reading services in conjunction with psychic readings. This allows me to see more detail as improve interpretation and clarity.


I have been a professional reader for over 11 years. I also see clients in person at my business. I also go on tour about twice a year.

4 years of study in Reiki and 5 years of practition.

I am also in the process of writing a book on spirituality. It will cover intuitive clairvoyance among many other topics.

NOTE : I do not "test" for connections. I will not begin a reading until funds arrive. I am sorry, but I have had too many people try to use this to fish out a free reading. Besides, you’re not paying to learn things you already know.

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