Mystic Rachel

Gifted Empathic Medium and Psychic Love Expert - Specializing in Love & Relationship Readings.


I am a top-rated psychic love expert, gifted empath & intuitive life coach.

I am very professional, warm, tactful and open-minded and will give advice and insight without any bias or judgment towards you. LGBTQ+ Ally – Please share preferred pronouns.

My reputation and loyal querents exemplify that I provide my services with the utmost integrity. I am an ethical and honest advisor and do not employ the use of scare tactics or upselling.

I do not offer refunds, your payment is for my time in session and the spiritual labour of using my abilities to conduct our reading and I ask for that to be acknowledged and respected.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a gifted claircognizant psychic and empathic medium. A practiced master of many divinatory tools and methods, reiki practitioner and lightworker. As well as an experienced advisor.

I have been expanding my natural-born gift by many different means;

I have been doing transcendental meditation, chakra balancing, healing meditation, and applying various buddhist methods of achieving a more balanced and enlightened spirit, I also work with my own two spiritual guides that act as a conduit between planes during our work.


I’ve been reading professionally since 2002.

I have participated in county fairs, festivals and the like offering my expertise and have done many in-person sessions to an extensive array of different clients, my presence online and on phone networks has helped me expand my reach to help literally thousands of people and plan to continue doing so in my career.

I consider myself a lightworker and try to incorporate the art of healing and rejuvenation in my readings and teachings. I am a pantheist who has respect for all belief systems and life forces and will not incorporate dark magick into my work or provide services that further any negative or spiritually unhealthy agenda; I will instead teach you how to fight the fears, insecurities and anger that comes through from certain people or situations in your life and help you to offer yourself wholly to the universe and path of light.

I work most in psychic readings using my claircognizant and clairvoyant abilities I provide an in-depth spiritual outlook on any subject brought up to me with a clear and compassionate answer and reflection – this medium has been very successful to my clients and is generally a "default" to the session, I also do crystal scrying.

I offer tarot and rune readings that I will meditate on and explain to you what we draw represents and how it reflects in your life, I can do traditional spreads or simply draw one card or cast a single rune in response to a query or subject.

With a clear photograph or scanned image of both palms I can provide an in-depth palm reading which is great for understanding things about your past and present and this can help discover where you are headed.

I also offer meditational coaching, transcendental meditation, manifestation, applied thought and law of attraction guidance and any advice on spiritual and vibrational ascension.

I am proficient in the medium of chakra balancing, healing and utilizing your chakras for any desired outcome in your spiritual life, your mind and body.

I am also a reiki practitioner and provide services to send peace, love and harmonious energy. I provide long-distance reiki as well as reiki treatments in session.

I provide past-life readings and analysis, this has been very illuminating in my own life and it can help you reaffirm your destiny and purpose in life as well as the state and development of your spirit.

and I can help you understand what elements, colours, crystals or materials to balance your metaphysical self and bring about whatever outcome you desire(love, success, luck, health etc).

Allow me to help you remedy your spiritual life and see what a difference it can make in your physical life – We all could use guidance and it is my calling to assist in all matters of spiritual well-being.

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