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Fast and Direct Guardian Angel Connections and Answers. I give Ethical Predictions, and Unbeatable Solutions. I specialize in Love and Family Relationships, Important Warnings, Career and Money Help, Medium Readings, Pet Readings and Pet Medium Readings.


I give Honest and Instant Answers, Ethical Predictions, and Unbeatable Solutions. I am a Super Fast Typist, No Time Wasting. 23 Years Experience Master Psychic, Divine Intervention and Directional Insight. Direct Guardian Angel Channeling and Communications. Divine Love and Life Path Warnings, Life Empowerment and Instant Healing. Your Best Life and Greatest Good is my Pure Love Priority here. Non-Judgmental Compassion for you! I have been Reading at Bitwine for 14 years strong. I specialize in Love and Family Relationships, Important Warnings, Medium Readings, Break Ups, Reuniting, Divorces, Money and Career Help, Marriage and Family, Pet Readings and Pet Medium Readings, Dream Answers, Help with Special Life Signs and Other Side Linking. I love helping people and I want you to live your greatest life. I am honored to help you to get on your highest path of happiness, health, prosperity, peace and serenity.

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I can tell you his/her thoughts, feelings, will, and intentions. I can see their energy and physical action patterns in the past, present, and near and distant future. I will help you understand your relationship problems, what’s missing, what you both need to do in the relationship, and how to get there together, if you are truly meant to be together. And if you need to let go of someone, I can help you through the process with unconditional love, empathy, healing and support. I have had clients tell me throughout the years, that I am speaking the exact words their lover, boss, co-workers, family and friends, have said to them, when getting to the heart of the matter at hand. I have a B.A. in Rural Human Services, a Child Development Associate, and I am a S.M.A.R.T. Recovery Facilitator. I have extensive training in Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Domestic Violence. I have been helping adults since I was a pre-teen.


I am a natural born Psychic, Healer, and Medium. Using my gifts to help others is my ultimate life passion and brings me great happiness. I come from a long line of gifted psychics on both sides of my family. I was born and raised on my reservation on Lake Superior, I am part Ojibwe from the Great Lakes Region of America and part Finnish of the Sami Tribe of Northern Finland. I can tell you everything you want to know about a person just with their first name. No DOB needed. I made my first prediction when I was 5 years old and it was at the age of 5 that I also realized I could read people’s thoughts, feelings, will and intentions. Other psychics come to me for life help. Ask me your most important life questions, and I give fast and direct answers with your guardian angels and my guardian angels. If you prefer, you can have a short list of questions ready before you contact me, that can save you a lot of time and money. I love to give straight to the point, yet detailed answers, help, care, and solutions. Talking to me can be a beautiful life changing and altering experience. Sometimes it is also painful and not easy to hear the truths and confirmations, but the 100% Truth is the only 100% Real Life to live. I love empowering people and I will help you heal and level up your mind, heart, soul, aura, and life path. You will receive instant healing and angel help when you talk to me. I can help you with answers and solutions to all life problems. But keep in mind, if you want to live your best life and happiest life path, you must follow your guardian angel’s advice and help, and my guardian angel’s advice and help. I don’t use any props, no tools (no crystal balls, no tarot cards, etc.) I give unconditional and non-judgmental love, care, support and help. I will look directly and instantly into the heart of any matter and give you immediate answers and solutions to help you with any problem at hand. My goal is to help you become the healthiest, happiest, you and help you get the life you want, need, and deserve. I will give you Ethical, Honest readings with Integrity, Accuracy, and Compassion from the Depths of my Heart and Soul. I will help you clearly see and confirm everything around you and our angels will give warnings when needed. It is a great honor to help you beyond any words can describe. God Bless You and Love to You and Yours!

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