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Only per-minute or or 15/20min blocks accepted

Thank you, to all of you. The privilege to know you makes me truly blessed.

Why are they so hot and cold?

What is to come with your past love(s), current romantic connection(s)?

I look forward to offering you intuitive, insightful, honest and empathetic insights into your questions.

I provide intuitive, insightful, caring, honest,information.

The primary lesson I wish you to take away from a reading with me is that YOU are in control.

Neither you or I can control the freewill of others, I cannot make people be with you, love you, accept you. I will try to show you why they may choose not to be/cannot be with you and if that is likely to change. From there, you, have to make active, not passive, decisions, about how to live your life.

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Regarding new rates:please scroll to read :-)

I look forward to hearing from you and continuing to interact with you and thank you for sharing with me on your most personal levels.


I realize that not every client will choose to stay with me, due to my new rates; I hope you are not among that number, but if you end up deciding to make a change please know that I wish you the best on your current and future journeys and hope you will consider, or at least scroll down and read below, to understand why this occurred. It is not my desire to leave clients behind but to start operating this based on what it is: a business, while always honoring compassion and honest guidance as my principles.

I sincerely thank you for your business and the connections we have formed!

First, It is clients like you that have made my growth possible and enjoyable,thank you!

However, as I have evaluated the profitability of my work here, I have come to recognize that my continued growth requires an increase in revenue across my entire client base, for old,  new, and regular clients. I have held off on needed, logical sustainable pricing increase due to emotional reasons, but that is not wise and I would never advise a client do so. Now I hope you will move forward with me in making changes that are awkward and difficult (but I'd advise you, should not be! Let's use this as a discussion about business, finances, and removing self-limiting financial guilt, restrictiveness, etc. and its roots).
I have stayed at the same price, offering more and more, even as costs and time demands soar. It is no secret to you as a Bitwine client that you receive the most user-end control and repeat session incentives (free time EVERY time; ability to control session charging/end, not accept a session, free time when your block of time is up, without auto disconnect); you are receiving unmatched flexibility and pricing, even with my changes.
I have to align pricing with my experience, quality of service, free time given, compensation of fees and to allow for future growth.

Doing so allows for my best energy and presence as I encounter you; we engage on a level that honors the services being rendered.

17+ years experience as a practicing psychic.

From a long maternal line of psychics.

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