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Please DO NOT waste your time nor mine. I am not here to be tested! I charge for my time!

Need to know what he/she is doing? How they feel? Is He/She playing games? When are you going to find true love? Work?

Craig is a gifted Psychic and has studied under some of the top Psychics on the East Coast, and has over 10 years experience.

He is a Spiritual counselor, Usui Reiki Master/Healer, and Energy worker.

Craig has a high ethical standard and that comes through in his readings. Craig is a straight forward reader and does not believe in fairytales! Keep in mind that at times we get answers to things we do not want to hear. Craig believes that no situation is completely hopeless so give him the chance to lead you into the light.

Craig has a true love for spiritual work, and is dedicated to all his clients. Helping counsel, heal, and give encouragement, during difficult times to
make positive changes necessary for a much
happier, healthier, and successful life.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Natural born psychic
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher


What a few callers have said:

"Folks, I have called my fair share of readers ….some good, some a complete joke and some rather vague…CRAIG ROCKS…and here’s why,,,,he is amazingly accurate, he is compassionate but he tells it like it is…He doesnt wast time or money…WARNING: Craig will tell you what you need to know,,,not always what you want to hear but lets face it,,,we turn to advisors because we are all seeking truth…A MUST CALL and very cool guy."

"Totally great, to-the-point
reading. It was great talking to him, he really sees exactly what’s going on with the situation. I trust his readings. I’ll definitely call again."

"WOW! This guys is good. He KNEW right away my mother in law wasnt in good health, he KNEW my guy is sorta
different from the majority in his
expressions. He didnt tell me good
stuff, he didnt tell me all bad stuff,
he told me the TRUTH and I appreciate
his honesty. I would definitely recommend
this one and would call again,
absolutely a MUST CALL!"

"Well, first i was confused
by his answers but looks like he was right. "

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