Is it time to let go? Let's get ready to do that! Can you? Lets See. Effective Immediately: A minimum of 20.00 will be Required to read. Are you settling for less? Did changes come that werent forseen? It happens. What's next for you, let's see.


Hello I am Fallon and I am a seer. We look at the past and the present, in order to determine what the future may bring. 30 years of experience, in reading tarot, a wonderful tool to discover the truth and uncover thoughts and intentions. the possible results of action taken, as there will always be a reaction. Is it worth the fight? Are you asking the same questions in every reading? Are you listening, to the truth of the matter? Truth is now everyone’s focus, whether they know it or not! 2022 is going to bring some rather harsh truth, to us all but in order to regain balance, we will also be blessed with miracles that come with truth. Are you clearing your path now in order to prepare for the future, you wish to ask about now? You need your life your love to change? Do you feel the challenge? The urge to create in order to facilitate change? Yes, it is that easy! Lets begin now. Fallon

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