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I provide live chat but prefer phone and/or video (Skype) tarot readings, and psychic medium readings to connect you to your loved ones. you will get answers to your life’s questions such as love, work, career and more at a very reasonable price (See my Special Offers, and $10 deal.) I do readings using tarot, and/or Medium readings (*PLEASE NOTE THAT AS A MEDIUM I CAN NOT GUARANTEE A CONNECTION WITH THE PERSON YOU ARE TRYING TO CONNECT WITH, SOMEONE ELSE MAY COME THROUGH, OR I MAY NOT GET A CONNECTION AT ALL. I SUGGEST YOU BUY A BLOCK DEAL INSTEAD OF A PER MINUTE BASIS FOR THIS TYPE OF READING. I WILL REFUND YOU IF I GET NO CONNECTION.) Being a Medium I have all the clairs, meaning I see, smell, taste, feel, hear, and know things. My main goal is to provide accurate reading to help you with your life’s questions and guide you along the right path to improve your life and make the right life choices. IF I AM NOT LIVE ONLINE PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE AND I WILL SCHEDULE AND APPOINTMENT WITH YOU FOR A READING.

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I am a tarot reader and psychic medium. I have read for t.v. personalities, radio personalities, professional musicians, doctors, Lawyers, asked to work on a police case that turned out well concerning a missing child. ...And the story goes on… I have done psychic radio, have excellent ratings on other networks, have just recently been included in a video documentary of the worlds top selling tarot deck, and a medium for the artist of said documentary. I have also worked as a Professional Astrologer throughout the mid 90’s-early 2000’s until I made the decision to work strictly with tarot and psychic medium readings. I have been a tarot teacher, and have studied spirituality for over 20 years. I am also a graduate of other occult and esoteric studies that are in the spiritual and occult sciences.


I have done pro readings on and off for over 20 years with excellent results in guiding others along their way through life’s turns, and connecting them to loved one’s who have passed. I am a very kind and ethical reader, I tell it like it is, and sometimes maybe not what you want to hear. I offer guidance in your situation to best help you along your path. I am also a teacher of Tarot (Rider-Waite system) and those who learn from me tend to do very well and learn to read quickly due to my unique style and focus on realizing that the reading comes from you, the cards are simply a tool. I have a proven track record for accuracy, and many satisfied clients who have been return clients for many years. I am here to help you.

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