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Honest insight and accurate reading in your love life and marriage. I use several methods of reading to help you know about your soul mate, near future and about your love and relationship.I read people by their name and dob and by feeling their vibrations.I read you from your mind, body and spirit.when you need help to find the answers for all your questions, when you feel like the person you love is falling away from you slowly. That all my life i have directed people and showed them how to talk to and love opposite sex.I can look into your situation and provide deeper insight about how the other person is feeling.I am able to provide spiritual healing, psychic predictions using my god given gift and see what your future holds.You should only come to me if you can handle the truth because I do not believe in saying something to just keep you a happy customer.I have a real gift. I will tell you the truth that is all, not like most people. I do this, because this is my destiny.

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BS Psychology..I am gifted with the powers which will help the people see the truth with a lot of rationalism and they make the right decisions in their life. I will guide you to find the right path which will help you to tide over the difficulties in your life. One thing which is constant in this world is changes and changes are inevitable. I will guide you to be prepared for the changes in your life which could otherwise dramatically impact you. I can answer your concerns on business, relationships, love life, career, love, finding the soul-mate, divorce and lots more. I am gifted to open your mind to the events which will unfold in the future


I has successfully read for many clients over the past 13 years. Being adept in the study and; practice of Shamanism, Native American, self empowerment, meditation techniques ; anger management. Trained in substance abuse ; stress management counseling. Dyami show’s you the correct path on your journey ; guidance to finding inner peace within yourself. Dyami, an accomplished Empathic Psychic, has special talents with American Indian & Shamanic rituals & spiritual readings; hundreds of thousands successful consultations via person, phone & chat at East Coast metaphysical shops, psychic fairs, private gatherings & psychic lines. Continually growing skills is a personal goal for Me

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