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Naturally gifted Intuitive and Empath. BORN with the power to HEAL, TRANSFORM, and CHANGE LIVES. I see the future, as well as the past and present. I receive “information” through many channels (i.e. energy sensitivity, psychic flashes, mediumship, dreams…) The Universe has a divine plan for all of us, and each individual path, lesson, and roadblock is meaningful, enigmatic, and BEAUTIFUL. There IS a purpose to the obstacles you encounter, and the questions that haunt you. There is hidden beauty in all that you now face. No virtue is more valuable than inner PEACE, and no weapon more powerful than KNOWLEDGE. My spiritual purpose is to ARM you with that peace and knowledge, and help you HEAL in the process. Allow me the opportunity to change your life. I am programmed to graciously accept, and I will take you on a journey the likes of which you have never seen.

“I feel the pulse of the Earth in my hands, and the fears of men in my heart.” AVEYAH

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Natural born Psychic, Medium, and Empath. Certified Life Coach. Experienced Tarot Reader. Powerful Healer.


My gifts have been manifesting and cultivating themselves since the tender age of 5, when I channeled my deceased grandfather, and reduced my grieving mother to gasps and tears. Since that day, I have utilized my gifts to bring more light and love into the Universe, in every way that I know how. To recount in detail all the lives I’ve TOUCHED, and all the souls I’ve healed would pale in comparison to providing you with your very own spiritual and emotional experience. I can not DESCRIBE what I do…it can only be FELT. Call me. Let me help.

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