Opening yourself to a relationship so fully that you actually lose your mind is a dangerous, scary and exhilarating thing. It can be wonderful. But passion
isn’t enough. There comes a time when that bright passion that carried you along fades a little. Sometimes, it just vanishes. Where are you then? If all that your relationship consisted of was big passionate moments, you might start to feel differently. Passion doesn’t have to be about big moments, It can be about knowing when to say something small.If you need help I am here ( Psychic Medium ) Your not alone trust me. I can’t always see them but I feel them, hear them, smell them. I know they are there.I’ve known I was psychic since I was kid. I have encountered ghosts several times.I can detect people’s true nature. I regularly talk to my guardian angel. I’ve always had strong ‘gut feelings’ which I have always followed.I don’t need to be around people, but I am able to tell something about them.I have found that I can help people with my gift

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I dont have any special degree just that I had dreams and a keen sence of what is going on and how people feel.I want to help others in pain


10 years of psychic reading though phone ,chat , and email…As a child I learned how to read bone’s and Tarot Cards and palm reading .I have also done many private readings in my home .

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