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Mondez Durden

Accurate Insight from An Intuitive Empath who has Over 20 Years Experience


Detail-oriented readings and practical workable advice from an empath with 20yrs professional experience.

Recommended reading for relationship clients: Your Brain on Love: The Neurobiology of Healthy Relationships

I’m an empath. I intuitively sense the characteristics of situations from emotions, intentions, behavior, and events. Analyzing these details, I weigh probability of outcomes from trends and give advice for practical solutions if available and possible.

I prefer not knowing much going in so please don’t tell me much at the beginning. First names are all I require or subject and initial question if there’s no other person. I will provide some sensations I get and the client will only be charged if she, he or they feels I’m connecting. This process is to ensure I am not simply unconsciously working off information you’ve given me.

Validation can take up to 10 minutes so come when you have ti

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Attended Clayton State College and University; For professional development, I took courses in behavioral modification, interpersonal and organizational communication development, small business development and management, cognitive behavioral therapy, and social impact theory. I have rounded my knowledge with courses in Greek philosophy, quantum physics, and basic coursework on the role of psychogenic and psychosocial factors in the development of cognitive and behavioral schema.


() freelanced for new age periodicals.

() taught meditation at an adult education center in south Atlanta for a year, and currently teaches meditation to adult students in person and over voice.

(*) Work currently as an intuitive adviser focusing on helping clients develop keen personal introspection and interpersonal communication skills.

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