Maria Grey

✨ 20+ yrs experience! Need to know if it is over? Are you on the right path to success? What are their true intentions? Chat with me now to finally get the peace of mind & honest answers you deserve now.. FAST TYPING! ✨


I have over 20 years experience as a Certified Psychic reader, Spiritual advisor and guru.

❤️ A kind review is appreciated as I work very hard to get the answers you need! Xoxo

⭕ I am deeply connected with my spirit guides and WILL tell the truth. I see what is coming and what has been, I am able to give accurate answers and timeframes.⭕

⭕My journey is to help others gain clarity, know what is coming and to have a new perspective on life and the choices they make as well as others. I can tell Past, present and future. ⭕

My readings are very straight forward and honest so please come here for the truth not false hope. Please do not Come on here to test psychic’s expertise, as You will NOT get an accurate answer.

I provide accurate, honest answered readings such as,


Tarot card readings

Love readings

Medium readings

Past-life readings

Full-life readings

Crystal readings

NO free questions!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


I do not give free questions or readings, so please do not ask. If you cannot handle the truth then leave, respectfully.

I am very empathic and will be nice, but I do not tolerate disrespectful or unruly clients, people talking with explicit, unnecessary details or foul language.. you will be blocked for any of these reasons.

I speak only the truth and I will never go back on my word as a psychic being that I am only a messenger for the divine. Take the advice with an open heart and open mind for I will only advise you from what I pick up. I am very honest because the truth sets us free! So please take it with a grain of salt.*

Natural- born psychic. I have been aware of my abilities, gave insight for 20 years.

I have had hundreds of thousands of great experiences in person, over phone and online. the best feedback with my meditations! I own a psychic reading shop I’m also on and psychic encounters, Festivals, parties, ect..ect.

I specialize in love readings and guidance, Medium readings (connection with lost loved ones), Expert at Tarot, Reiki master, Career readings, Palmistry, Crystal readings, Life path, past life, future details and much more!

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