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Freely ask any questions that fall within platform guidelines. I am not here to judge. I am here to help you get answers you need regarding your Life, Love, and Career with integrity, holding the highest regard of ethics & honesty with this work.


Provide the following for your Free Introduction:

1) Your Name & POI’s Name (Must be 18+ or older)

2) Type of $ Charge: Per Minute or Flat Rate?

3) After your payment is made the reading begins.

No Job Interview, University Acceptance, Exam Outcome, Mediumship, Lost Item / Person, Did I pass my drug test? Or "Test The Psychic" questions.

Respectful behavior is required at all times or the reading will be terminated.

You don’t work for free at your job so they can decide IF they like you & want to pay you or NOT and I don’t either. Provide your info, make your payment and then your reading will begin.*

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Disclaimer: All divination practices are for entertainment purposes only. While being highly accurate, No reading is 100% accurate. You seek a reading by your own volition and are solely responsible for your own actions, or any decisions made by you upon completion of your reading. I am not a medical, legal, or financial professional. Any questions regarding these areas will be directed to seek a licensed professional of that expertise. By purchasing a reading and participating in divination services you are affirming you have an informed belief of the Occult and relating spiritual practices. Due to each parties right to exercise free will, and the nature of divination, no guarantees are made resulting a desired outcome, or a definitive timeframe as energy shifts, timing is fluid, and many contributing factors affect the outcome beyond my control. You must be 18+ or older to participate on this platform. By ordering a reading, you have read, acknowledge, agree, and accept these terms and conditions.


I purchased my first deck of Tarot Cards as a teenager for recreational purposes. I have been reading professionally in person, in private, on line, and working at a local botanica for 6 years now. I am a natural born psychic and am clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient, and clairaudient.

~ Specific Questions only regarding an area of your life you want to focus on or a specific person. I do not offer General Readings or answer broad or vague questions. Please do not start your questions with "When will I…" or "Will I ever…".

~ Times frames ARE APPROXIMATE, NOT EXACT and goes no further than 6 months out from date of your reading. I am not the Creator nor do I have control of time. Please respect this fact.

~ 3rd Party questions are read with discretion. You must be directly connected to the situation. If I am advised by my guides not to answer, I will politely decline your question.

~ I Do Not believe in Twin Flames or Soulmates. I Do believe we have several partners that cross our paths in our lifetime for a reason, for a season, and should embrace each one as a life experience and life lesson.

~ Canceled payments and troll accts will be blocked. NO ACCEPTIONS

~ Accounts must be registered.

IMPORTANT: Per Policy and by law I am required to tell you all divination services are for entertainment purposes only. Possible outcomes whether favorable / unfavorable, and accuracy are not guaranteed. Any / all parties involved exercising free will can change the outcome of your reading. Everyone (including you the Querent) are entitled to exercise free will and can change your / their mind about anyone, or anything, at any time.

Per Terms Of Service, your information is only shared with Barges Technologies & PayPal as agreed upon to sign up for and use said platform service, and are solely responsible for the protection of said accounts, and all sign-on, and password information. Per policy, there are no refunds, or chargebacks. All sales are final. No legal (court), medical (pregnancy), or financial (gambling) questions. Must be 18 yrs old (+) to purchase a reading. By purchasing a reading and participating in divination services you are affirming you have an informed belief of the occult and relating spiritual practices. Due to the nature of divination, no guarantees are made resulting a desired outcome, or a definitive timeframe. By making a payment you acknowledge, accept, and agree to these terms & conditions. You must mention the Pass Phrase: "Tarot is the Keys" when you purchase your reading. The terms of service are provided for you review: https://psychic.bitwine.com/pages/legal/users-terms-of-service

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