Balanced Elements

Balanced Elements


Firstly, I love you and want the best for you. I however do not sugarcoat. Secondly, I DONT DO FREE READINGS. The 3 free minutes is for names, dob and questions. For a basic reading, I do need 5 minutes to connect. For in depth 10 min. NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS. With gifts of tarot, clairaudience, & clairvoyance we will find best way for you to navigate through life path successfully. What makes me unique is I’m always encouraging ways of getting a stronger connection to guides and vibrate at a higher frequency. Whether it’s help with manifestation, encouraging meditation, feeding yourself healthy meals, and exercise. We’re all family. It doesn’t hurt to have some encouragement in the right direction. I have helped friends and spoken encouraging words to family members through tarot and watching their health change for the better. My goal is to help you plant your spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional seeds and watch them sprout by providing options available to you through tarot.

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I have been doing professional readings for over 6 years now. Whether love, career, family, or your spiritual path, I am able to assist. We are all family and we deserve happiness and security. Let me help you find balance today!

Personal Reviews:

Ive talked to several advisors on this platform and Joy is by far my favorite. Her energy is unmatched and she’s constantly answering my questions as I’m even typing them I would highly recommend this sweet spirit!! – Tina

Reading are always accurate and relevant to my situation. - W

Your readings are always so honest and nurturing. – Anonymous

She’s was very accurate about almost everything. And she predicted was gonna happen this year and it happened. – Kdp2000

Joy predicted something like 5+ months ago and it actually happened today right on time. Freaky but awesome! She knows her stuff. Very patient and kind, and super sweet. Hit her up! – Blossom77

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