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Blessed, Loved and Protected by HIM

I am Trupti from India, Life Coach, Certified Tarot card reader, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and Professional Psychological Counselor.

I am an empath and claircognizant and a Mystic.

Over a couple of years, I have delivered more than 10k + readings, worldwide.

I am love, relationship, marriage, break up, third party, no contact situation, Twin Flame journey, Soulmate connection, Characteristics of Future Love interest, LGBT expert. I can guide you for your career and money matters.

I deliver my readings through Tarot cards, Oracle Cards, Psychic Messages and visions.

No FREE readings.

NO Refund policy. Pls read bio first.

NO test readings.

No JUDGEMENT ZONE (All questions are welcome)

No Sugar-coated answers.(It may hurt now, but it will make sense in long run!)

NO HEALTH, LEGAL readings.

NO Timeframe Questions.(Time is fluid.)

No General Readings.

No comparison with other advisors.

No readings, if you know the answers.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Certified Tarot Card Reader

Reiki Master

Professional Psychological Counselor

Certified Dice Divinatory

Bachelors in Metaphysical Science ( in progress- to be a Reverend.


My father was well known Vedic Astrologer. However, I paved my journey based on my past life- white witch and started with the occult almost a decade ago. It was only limited to me and my loved ones. Tarot happened when I met my Mentor from California in the last couple of years. Being a psychic medium, I love to talk to the spirit world, they are the most authentic ones I have come across. Being Reiki Master, I heal from emotional well-being.

After serving more than 10k readings world wide, I still feel the work is incomplete.

If I could make any positive change in your life, my work is done! That is what my Higher self has taught me.

I have been serving as Life Coach, Mentor and Professional Psychological Counselor over a decade now- this I do only as social work to help needy people.

After being into Indian corporate sector for two decades, I have taken retirement now, just to follow my passion.

I am not GOD but I will certainly help you finding path ahead for happy life!

Whatever I am today, is only and only because of my Higher Self! I owe HIM everything! Deepest Gratitude to HIM.

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