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Expect a deep, accurate and detailed reading with me!!

I provide honesty, and clarity. I will share what I see & I will always tell you the truth. I ask the spirit to provide clear answers on what you need guidance on. I receive images, colors and symbols through small video clips/pictures and when combined, I get strong feelings & knowingness.

My absolute speciality is to read energies , that’s something that is coming natural to me. I just KNOW what she/he is feeling towards you, the energies of the situation and I am really good in reading outcomes , feelings and thoughts! So if you desire to have a energy reading than I am your person for sure ♥️

IMPORTANT- DON’T STRESS ME WHEN I AM READING YOU! If you stress me I am going to stress and then the information will not be proper , detailed and as correct as it could be. I am NOT going to rush cause my job is to give you value. So if you wants all the answer in 2 minutes I am not your person!!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I did my first professional psychic reading in 2013, so I have 9+ years of experience reading and guiding people on their life path! When I do a reading for you, I connect with your energy, your highest self and your spirit guides to receive information about the topic you want me to look at, I am receiving information from spirit through my clairvoyance ability and through feeling and just knowing information. I also use tarot and oracle card if you desire to, and I am always honest and direct in my readings ✨ I am a certified human design coach and reader and can help you with understanding your human design and guide you in your soul purpose, business, money and more through your own unique blueprint


I grew up in a little village strongly intuitive without knowing I was, all I notice was that I was different. I said things that other didn’t, I knew things others didn’t and as a child I was like any other child that would say everything I thought about only that I said everything I felt on an intuitive level without knowing… I remember also knowing if the parents of my friends liked me or not, it felt like I could see in to their mind and I always knew what they thought about me, which was good when it was good thoughts they had and really hurtful when I knew they didn’t like me. I also sense when a couple was going through challenges and when a breakup would take place, as well as a move or a pregnancy. The thing was I knew all this, but it didn’t feel like I was special, In my mind everyone else knew cause this was SO normal for me. I always saw color around people, and I was able to pick up their emotions, challenges and gifts.

As I grew up it just got stronger and in 2013 I woke up and felt a strong pull to do a psychic reading, keep in mind that I had never done a psychic reading before, I had never gotten information with “Purpose” it had always been something that just came naturally to me but that morning I felt spirit was pushing me so hard that I couldn’t resist it. I had no idea what I was doing, but I followed the pull and I sent in an advertisement in the newspaper. Two days later, 2 women came home to me and I did my first ever psychic reading and from there it is history. I never stopped and here I am in 2022 still doing psychic readings, I have helped thousands of people and I know this is something I will always do!

❤️ I am doing psychic readings, tarot & oracle card readings, I am a spiritual teacher and coach, manifestation and mindset expert and human design reader. I am so aligned with the spiritual path that my soul choose before I entered this physical plane and every day is so exciting ✨ I can’t wait to connect with you and help you on your life path! ❤️

✨ CHAT : please understand it takes me more than 2 minutes to really connect & get information & clear answers. Please have a minimum of 10 minutes available. I am not going to rush, just know that every reading I do, is for your highest good and clarity.✨



XOXO, Antonette.

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