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I need your name, name of POI, and zodiac signs for both. I really need backstory to understand what the cards are showing me. Cartomancy cards can have many meanings depending on the context of the circumstances. So, please provide me with some backstory. Thanks!

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I use lenormand, oracle cards and Viking runes to access my abilities. I don’t sugarcoat, and sometimes the message might be difficult to hear, but I always pull oracle cards for some positive advice. I can give insight on guardian angels, spirituality, relationships, pets, career, family matters, LGBTQ+, comparison readings, yes/no readings, and self love!


I have two years experience using tools like lenormand, oracle cards and runes. However, I’ve been a clairsentient empath my entire life. I was seeing visions by age 5, astral projecting by age 11, tapping into psychic abilities by age 14. I have a strong connection to my guardian angels and they help me more consistently see messages that help people. I truly care about you as a person and I want to provide you with insight and clarity that can help make better choices. Sometimes the messages aren’t what we want to hear though and in those times I always try to bring some happiness with positive inspiration and advice with oracle cards.

I do not offer free readings at this time. I also do not offer refunds. You are paying for my time which is valuable.

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