Spiritual Life Coach Somers

Spiritual Life Coach Somers


FAST, ACCURATE & HONEST!! Somers has been a trusted Bitwine adviser since 2007!!. Divinely tuned in. I am able to hear and see what others cannot. Don’t lose another night of sleep wondering what is really going on. Call me right now and I will tell you precisely what your future has in store. I can read your partners heart & intentions to let you know exactly where you stand. My gift will SHOCK & AMAZE you….FAST TYPIST..


Clear and to the point, a gifted, emphatic healer. She will guide you through any situation with honesty, kindness and respect. You will never be disappointed. New callers are welcomed.

Highly rated and well known reader available to help you sort out all life problems. 99% accurate…100% honest.

I have been a trusted Bitwine adviser since 2007 and can read the energy of a person or situation, clarify the truth of things. For an enlightening, non-judgmental view of your situation,

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I can feel the energy of whom your asking questions about,with Time Frames and Solutions.let me help you get a peace of mind so you can start enjoying your future today!


I come from a long line of Intuitive Clairvoyants dating back many generations. I have been helping people find their true paths for many many years. My gift is God given and I am a Christian. I am here to serve you, for this is my mission in life. I will warn you, however, I do not sugar coat or hold anything back. I will tell you exactly what I see and what I feel about you and/or your situation. Sometimes I will ask you �do you really want to know that� and I will need you to really think about it and give me an honest answer. I will always be honest with you. I look forward to serving you and do hope that you find what you are looking for whether you call me or not.God bless

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