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Psychic Seven 77 Registered US

30 years of experience registered in the United States Gov


Natural Born (not taught) Psychic 30 years full-time. insight from a REAL Psychic Quick Readings,Dates ,Times and Names REGISTERED in UNITED STATES Psychic Truth Honest Precise in love & Relationships Provides you with true accurate insight’ Prediction’ Answers’ 30yrs experience Call now for a true answers with all.I am not a book learned or class learned reader. I am a natural psychic, and have been so since birth. No one taught me to be psychic, it is a God given gift that comes naturally and accurately for 30 years. I am an intuitive empath, which is a person with the paranormal ability to feel and know the mental or emotional state of another individual. I often feel the intentions, actions, and words of others. Many clients say that the words I use are exactly what someone said to them. I see, hear, feel, sense, and know. I teach seminars, and workshops. I teach people how to align themselves, live spiritually, pull happiness towards themselves, and allow things to flow naturally, to be their very best.

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I am 3rd generation Natural born Psychic Welcome. I am an empath, not a mind reader. I use my unique and God given gifts to empower you, teach you, guide you, for you to CLEARLY see everything around you, so that you make your best decisions. My approach is to quickly give you all the facts and to email anything you missed. I read so that you see a window into the mind and heart of others and a telescope into the fine details of your job, career, life.


I give names, dates, details, emotions, past lives, descriptions, paths. I am on current contract with a multi million dollar company. By entering their work place, meeting the employees, I can weed out the bad apples, saving the company millions from sabotage, theft and law suits. I have worked with Universal Studios development. I read privately for many celebrities. My clients are sent to me. I don not seek them. After many college degrees, and other careers, I was constantly pulled back into psychic work.

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