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Bella's Love Reading's


Hello, I am Bella and I will be your guide, helping you through your love and relationship issues that you may be going through right now. If you are looking for a true Psychic to answers your questions, I am the one you are looking for, I specialize in the field of dealing with love and relationship issues for many years.

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Get all your problems solved with my guidence. I promise to be 100% honest.Get an accurate & in depth reading. I will not give you any false hopes. As a psychic reader, I undertake to provide you with information and guidance from the highest source, which may assist you on your journey through this lifetime.


I Have Been Doing Online and Offline Reading as well as Other Services For over 20 years along with my 100% Tested Empathic Abilities to Open new Doors for Clients who are Challenged with Life’s Hurdles I have found a Place of Comfort Helping Others I have Assisted Many in Times of Need and I shall do the Same for you. Do you Need Deep Insight into your Lovers Heart then wonder No more and Call Now I’am a Love Relationship Specialist with insights of the Heart Blessed with God given Gifts of Clairvoyancy Clairaudiency Remote Viewing and Channeling I see Symbols and Visions and Hear messages of Wisdom Allow Me to offer Divine Guidance to get a Up Close and Personal view of Both sides of the Relationship Lets take a look into the Heart of your currant Partner or the one you Wish to Be with to Find the Truth I will Expose what is Hidden Provide Deep insight into your Loved One’s Feelings Intentions and Future of the Relationship get a sense of what Direction you Should Take and Deeper understanding about why others Feel the Way they Do I will Not give you a Fantasy or Tell you what you want to Hear that would not Benifit you Allow Me to share Universal Knowledge and Wisdom affording you Clairity into your Present Situation looking toward your Future Remember Everything Happens for a Reason let’s Look at the Synchronistic Events occuring in your Life all that Has Come into your Life is Not by Chance for we are Karmically linked Previous Lives Remains to Be Worked Out in this Life using the Gifts God has given Me I Helped Many People over the Years in Differant Areas of their Lives My Specialty is Love Relationships & Soulmate Connections But I can also Channel Answers Regarding * Clairvoyant – Ability to See Objects * Images * Signs * Symbols * Events * Clairsentient – Ability to Feel Emotions * Resistance * Barriers * Clairaudient – Ability to Hear Sounds * Voices * Music * Phrases * Talks surrounding Events * Empathic – Ability to Discern Comprehension of the ‘State’ of Others * True Intentions * Hearts Desires

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