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Hi, it’s Glee here. Back in 2011, I had a supernatural encounter with God and it activated my seer, vision, and psychic giftings. I could interpret dreams and visions and many things I’ve read and interpreted came to pass. I’m a very honest advisor that could tap and I could see through emotions and intentions, and thoughts. I’m a seer and I usually see visions with my readings and also the spirits within people and other things.

READINGS I cover: • Love (separation, feelings, intentions, reconnection, twinflames, divine partnerships, marriage, etc.) • Mediumship • Career • Life Path/Soul Path • Dream and Vision Interpretation • Spiritual Experiences Decoding and Interpretation • Energy and Trauma Blockages • Road to Transformation Reading I love and give sincere readings to my clients and I love helping them move forward. It’s one of my missions to help heavenly matches and and divine counterparts come together in union in this lifetime and for their purpose and higher connection to Source.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Katana is a seer and can see visions of the future and is also a dream interpreter. She functions in the Prophetic and has been a Psychic/Prophetic Reader for almost 8 years. She’s bringing her years of experience in counselling individuals using her psychic, oracle scanning and empathetic skills.

I am a Transformation and Spiritual Coach who guides you to connect with the Source to access your deeper senses and intuition and discern for yourself the ways of life. I am a guide that helps people become their own guide too.

Terms of Service:

By choosing a reading session with me, you agree to my terms as listed below:

I have no control over the timing. The timing, if I give it in reading, is always approximate. Sometimes the result is more important than time.

Refunds are not offered under any circumstances.

I will know if we connect or not within the first 3 free minutes.

By calling me, it means you agreed to my terms.


She’s bringing her eight years of experience in counselling individuals using her psychic, oracle scanning and empathetic skills.

A seer and Quantum Healer, her experience transcends the human experience. She jas wisdom from the Spirit realm and Divine to guide people back in track.

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