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Hello My name is Shay I am spiritualist specializing in love, relationships, finances, career, and more! I’m a 4th generation psychic I been doing this for years, why would you get a reading with me today have you been feeling uneasy and unsure? restless, lonely, confused, distraught wondering why this emptiness has been inside of you? a emptiness that you can’t shake off? getting a reading with me gives you the opportunity to finally have the answers that you need not just the ones that you are looking for, the truth, no sugar coating a raw unfiltered spiritual Guidance, this is more more than a yes or no answer is a chance to know the root of the problem , this is not a coincidence that you are looking at my page its conformation. get clarity now!

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I am a Licensed and certified psychic. I offer Palm, Tarot, and Angel readings I am also a medium. I go into chakras and aura readings. and please no ATTITUDES I am very blunt and don’t sugar coat.

NO FREE READINGS! I charge for my TIME and ENERGY I can not tune in for free ! Thank you.


Assist with understanding complex situations that can feel confusing and difficult to see clearly. Aid with touching more of your truth in choices involving people, places, and life issues. Help with understanding energetic aspects of life that may be troubling or concerning. Allow for finding a level of stability and truth to guide your choices. Be more open to a deeper sense of what is correct for you. Learn how to work situations in your world with more confidence and sense of whats good for you. I own 2 psychic shops I have my own unique way of reading do not waste my time. Thank you.

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