I connect with your Spiritual Guides to answer your burning questions that has got you restless. During our session, I connect with your Spiritual Energy and deliver messages that comes directly from your Angel Guides. My aim is to bring clarity in your life situation and bring you guidance, so you can reach your highest potential, learning, growth and success. I will require your clear mind, so you can focus on your goal and not your present situation. This will help you look at the bigger picture that actually is something you have always dreamed of. It’s time to manifest your desires. I will help you understand the dynamics of the Law of The Universe and give you the best decisions to choose from, that will lead you to success. I specialize in Love guidance, finances, Business issues, Best Job opportunities to come your paths,! I am able to help you.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I’m here to help you and I believe that is the main part .I treat each customer with the most extreme regard .everything my customers reveal to me I keep in certainty. I set forth a fearless exertion to offer solace , responses and repairing to everyone I run into considering the way that I trust I have been respected with a gift and this gift essentially can’t be wasted .I’m a genuine scrutinizing I will make reference to you what I see and what I’m feeling whether or not its something you don’t wanna hear .its better for me to tell the truth with you whether or not it may sting then for you to be hurt or baffled in the long run. My abilities will allow me full access into life. I have worked within my spirt guides and reached my full growth within my energy. my abilities within clairaudience,& clairvoyance,

Certified Vedic Astrologer Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Numerologist Diploma in Professional Spiritual Healing Diploma in Professional Stress Consultancy Relationship Counselling,


My spiritual work is my passion and my goal is to help you find, love, peace, success and ultimate happiness in all that you do. I will share my wisdom and always give you accurate, honest answers, delivered with respect and kindness. I will not waste your time or money. I have been a practicing psychic reader and advisor for over 10 years .I have helped many people from all walks of life find. I can add balance, clarity and understanding to any issue; see what is holding you back and what action to take. I truly care about you, and you will feel the deep connection and positive energy during our very private time together. . My purpose is to be honest, kind, sincere, respectful and loving toward all. I have the ability to calm while bringing deep clarity surrounding major life decisions. I wait with pleasure for the opportunity to speak with you about matters of the heart, I’m an objective professional who you can trust and provide enlightening advice on the most important aspects of your life. Let me help you move forward with your personal or professional goals so you can start living your ideal life. I am professional, caring, quick responding, and reliable. I take reading for others seriously and treat every client and every reading with the utmost care. I’m also very non judgmental. My reading with my clients should be considered a safe place. I have a new policy due to my passion for helping being taken advantage. it’s better for me to tell you the truth even if it may hurt then for you to be hurt or disappointed in the long run. if you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

Local Time: (GMT+05:00) April 19, 2024, 10:42PM

Location: Punjab  (Find on Google Maps)

$1.49 per minute (after your approval)

Accurate Relationship & Career details for one hour in 52$.

My $10 deal:

15 minutes for Love Relationship clarity reading.